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Overview & History of Hakko

Company activity
  • Contract/Custom Manufacturer for new development & on-market chemicals
  • Sales of Chemicals in Import, Export & Local trading
    Fine chemicals for electronics usage
    Intermediates of API, Coloring agent and agrochemical.
    Chemicals for Food additives and bio-products
Registered Name HAKKO TSUSHO CO., LTD.
Registered Address 2-7-6 Nihombashi-Kayabacyo, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0025, Japan
TEL +81-3-3639-4477
FAX +81-3-3639-4467
Established April 15, 1983
Capital 20 million Japanse Yen

1983 Founded as Sales & Trading Company
1994 Nanjing Hakko Chemical Co. established as Manufacturing Company jointed with Chineselocal firm.
2000 Nanjing Hakko to be licensed as 100% owned Enterprise by Japanese Hakko Tsusho
  Constructing and operating Kashima plant site in Japan
2004 Changed name to Nanjing Hakko Pharma-tech Co., Ltd.
2007 Equiped and operated exhaust-gas treatment facilities in Nanjing Hakko
2008 Equiped and operated waste water treatment facilities in Nanjing Hakko
2009 MANAC Incorporated (listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange) owned 100% stock share of Hakko Tsusho
2018 Nanjing Hakko transferred by Nanjing Zhengyuan Group
2019 Osaka Sales Branch closed
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